‘Mental health, Russia-Ukraine War’: What got single people talking on Tinder in 2022

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Tinder Dating Trends: Stances on social issues were considered important to make or break matches this year as 75 per cent of unmarried Indians respected or invested in social issues on online dating app Tinder. According to Tinder’s Year in Swipe report, the top five social issues people talked about in 2022 were LGBTQ+ rights, the environment, mental health, feminism, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Other issues Tinder users were talking about were cyber security, inflation, work-life balance, animal welfare and politics while mentions of activism and voting rights saw an increase in profiles.

“Young adults are feeling more confident, recognize what healthy dating looks like, and learn what positive signs to look for when swiping,” said Dr. Chandni Tugait, life coach and relationship expert for Tinder. They are able to focus on the positive characteristics and attitudes that they believe will make them feel happy, satisfied, and important throughout their relationship.

“So while they may go on blind dates, they no longer blindfold red flags and increasingly look for green flags or positivity in a match or relationship,” he added. Due to the growing awareness of green and red flags in a match and/or a relationship, red flag, melting heart, and gaslighting emoji were trending on the platform.

Apart from the red and green flags in a relationship, young single Indians are also clear about the qualities they look for in a partner. Young Indians preferred attributes such as loyalty (79 per cent), respect (78 per cent), someone who is clear about what they want and has good hygiene (73 per cent), and an open mind (61 per cent). 56) percent).

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