‘More alive than it looks’: Elon Musk announces new Twitter feature to show total views on every tweet

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Twitter’s top boss, Elon Musk, has a new concern for the microblogging platform. On Thursday, he tweeted that too many Twitter users read on the platform but never tweet or interact.

In a tweet, he said, “I meet many people who read Twitter every day, but almost never Tweet.”

Musk believes that the number of people using Twitter is huge but that number does not translate into people tweeting or reacting to others’ tweets. He observed that Twitter has more detractors than participants. To highlight the total number of readers on a post, Musk has decided to introduce a feature that lets you see the views on a tweet.

This could potentially affect its upcoming $8 for the verification subscription as low engagement would make users less interested in going out of their way to get verified and pay for the subscription service.

This new feature will be similar to the views shown on the video. This will give a fair idea about the reach of a tweet, irrespective of the kind of engagement it has.

Twitter ‘Verified’ relaunched

Twitter Blue is all set to launch today. In this edition, Musk has assured more clarity like last time and less chance of detractors creating chaos. He had tweeted earlier explaining the new colour-coding system for verified ticks.

Musk said in his tweet, “Gold checks for companies, gray checks for government, blue checks for individuals (celebrity or not) and all verified accounts will be manually verified before the check is activated. Painful, but Is necessary.”

In another tweet, he confirmed that people will continue to get the blue checkmark.

He added, “All verified individual humans will have the same blue check, because the threshold of what constitutes “notable” is otherwise very subjective. Individuals may have secondary smaller logos that show they belong to an organization if Verified by that organization. Long explanation weeks ahead.”

As per a previous tweet by the world’s richest man, the service will also roll out in India and will be priced as per Price Purchase Parity (PPP). However, when it was first launched in the US, some users got a hint of it in India as well. Select users in India were asked to pay Rs 720, which is more than $8.

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