‘My first mentor was my babuji’s boss’: What Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal told London School of Economics’ students

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Vedanta Resources Ltd Chairman Anil Agarwal shared an important ‘success mantra’ with the students of the London School of Economics. Addressing students of the London School of Economics, Agarwal explained how he built his great businesses, found the right mentor and dealt with setbacks.

In a LinkedIn post, he wrote, “Students wanted to know about my ‘success mantra’ – how I built my business, how I found the right mentor, how I dealt with setbacks… Covering it all in nothing.” hours but one thing I shared was my belief that got me to where I am today. It’s the will to try, keep trying and keep trying until you fail. If you need to break a wall, you Break it until the last piece of brick is broken.

“Not having the right plan should never shake hands with your potential partners, rejection from the first one shouldn’t stop you from calling the next one, and humility will help you find your dream mentor at every step of the way.” Life Of,” he added.

During his discussion with the students, he recalled how he found his father’s boss and then his school teacher and finally his mentor with the youth who keep teaching him something new everyday.

“As someone who grew up in rural India with a basic knowledge of worldliness, I found my first guru in my Babuji’s boss, the second in my school teacher, and now, in all of you who teach me something every day. teach new,” he added.

Aggarwal started the post by saying that he was very happy to talk to the students of London School of Economics. “Many of you know me as the first Indian on the LSE (London Stock Exchange), but yesterday I had the privilege of being on the second LSE – the London School of Economics.”

He also expressed hope that the future of this world would be much better than what it is today. “So here I am, full of ‘student spirit’ and ready to learn from you, hopefully together we will leave the world better than it is…”

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