New report reveals latest hybrid work trends for IT departments and leaders

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Info-Tech Research Group has released a new report highlighting the latest industry research for leaders managing information technology (IT) departments and hybrid-first organizations.

The survey was conducted for over 500 professionals primarily based in the US and Canada The State of Hybrid Work in IT: A Trend Report (registration required).

The report’s key findings showed that hybrid work is ubiquitous in IT, with 100 percent of industries and positional levels offering some form of hybrid or remote work. While this suggests that organizations are open to flexible working options, it means that IT must support the wider organization while working effectively to support employees, the report said.

Info-Tech’s report divides the study into two sections: technology and people.

The report found that hybrid work models in IT increase productivity. And IT is more effective when some degree of remote or hybrid work is involved. Companies reported more opportunities for IT to transition to hybrid and remote work, as well as higher effectiveness scores compared to organizations offering few hybrid or remote options.

The report found that hybrid working has also accelerated the modernization of IT processes and organizational digitization. More than 50 per cent of the respondents reported a shift towards digital options, less reliance on hard copies and the amount of printed pages. Info-Tech suggests that this statistic provides an opportunity for businesses to re-think their relationships with print vendors. The company reports that resources spent on printing can be reduced or reallocated, and this will help save money.

In addition, the modernization of processes and communication has also evolved, with 63 percent of respondents reporting major changes in conference room technology due to hybrid work.

While hybrid work was a major adjustment for many companies, most respondents reported maintaining service desk support; 35 percent said support has actually improved. Only seven percent of IT organizations reported a decrease in service desk support, indicating that hybrid or remote work did not impact service desks.

When it comes to industry specific statistics, Info-Tech’s research found that the industries that saw the largest increase in service request volume were government, media, information, telecommunications and technology. According to the company, with the global expansion of digital products and services brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in volume was expected for media, information, telecom and technology organisations. When it comes to government, additional support was brought in from IT for in-person online work for administrative and knowledge worker roles to help equip employees and give users the tools to work outside the workplace. Could

Blended working has also changed the way the entire IT workforce operates.

This remodeling of the workplace changed the criteria for people when applying for jobs. Just under 50 percent of respondents indicated that hybrid work options are one of the most important considerations when looking for a job, and that employers should consider adopting a hybrid environment if they haven’t already.

The report also found that hybrid working can help small organizations in a declining economy. According to the company, this work model can retain the critical workforce needed to survive the economic downturn.

The report reveals, “Hybrid working is a critical enabler of organizational success when resources are constrained due to productivity gains and cost savings.”

In addition, the report’s findings suggest that hybrid working may reduce the main challenge of remote working. Hybrid working still provides presence in the office – something that remote working fails to do. This provides a backup option in case of technology or other disruptions that affect working and communication with co-workers. According to respondents, two or three days at the office are most preferred by both employees and managers in hybrid work situations.

Finally, the report notes that as hybrid and remote work options have transformed the workplace and are now the preferred style of work for many, they require “greater attention, connection and leadership from managers.”

As hybrid and remote work becomes ingrained in society, Info-Tech suggests that leaders and IT departments must be able to keep up and adapt to the changes required to run organizations effectively.

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