‘Operations were disturbed for 40 minutes’: Mumbai airport says normal services have resumed

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Mumbai International Airport Said on Thursday that the services became normal after the operations were interrupted for about 40 minutes due to server failure.

“Our teams are on the ground and manual processing has been initiated for the convenience of all passengers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank our passengers for their understanding. Normal services have resumed Operations disrupted for about 40 minutes due to server failure.” Airport.

“During some construction work in the city, the network was disrupted due to cable cut. Various ticketing systems were disrupted due to this. All systems have now been restored and are working,” the airport said.

Earlier on Thursday, long queues were seen at the T2 terminal of the airport as airline services were severely affected due to server crash.

In a statement, the CISF said, “Due to server down at Mumbai International Airport, the rush is slightly higher than normal. The rush is being managed well and there is no disturbance as manual passes are being issued.” ”

“We understand that the delay is certainly inconvenient. Our team is working diligently to minimize the inconvenience. They will be in touch with you for further updates,” Air India said in a statement to a complaint about the delay. tweeted the flyer.

Passengers complained on Twitter that they had to wait a long time for luggage to be dropped off.

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