Shopify and Google Cloud AI Integration offers advanced ecommerce capabilities to retailers

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Today, Shopify Inc And google cloud has announced an integration that allows retailers to access commerce component Such as Shopify’s enterprise retail solution to take advantage of Google-quality search capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) innovations.

New research from a Google Cloud-commissioned Harris Poll survey found that when a shopper searches for a product on a retailer’s website or mobile app, but doesn’t find what they’re looking for and leaves the site, they Known as search abandonment, there is a price to be paid. Globally the retail industry is over US$2 trillion annually. This new integration with Google Cloud and Shopify aims to solve the search abandonment problem with AI innovations.

Enterprise brands on Shopify can now use Google Cloud Discovery Al Solutions Shopify’s composable stack for enterprise retail, right through to commerce components. This integration extends access to Google’s advanced search and browsing technologies so that retailers can create a better shopping experience for their customers.

The companies say the new integration of Shopify and Google Cloud equips enterprise brands with AI-powered product discovery capabilities that solve real-world business challenges.

Some of these include:

google cloud retail search, Provides advanced query understanding that can generate better results from broad queries, including non-product and semantic searches, to effectively match product attributes with website content for faster product discovery.

AI-Powered Browsing: When shoppers select a category such as “men’s footwear” or “bedroom furniture,” this capability uses machine learning to select the ideal order of products on the retailer’s e-commerce site. Over time, the AI ​​will use historical data to learn the best way to order products based on those most likely to make a sale.

AI-Powered Personalization: This feature can customize the results customers find when searching and browsing the retailer’s website. The AI ​​underpinning the personalization capability uses customer behavior on a retail site, such as clicks and purchases, to determine the shopper’s tastes and preferences.

Google Cloud Recommendations AI Solutions: The solution will help retailers provide personalized recommendations at scale. Google says recent upgrades to recommendations AI can now make retailer’s website properties more personalized, and therefore helpful, to individual customers.

This integration also provides enhanced security and privacy, ensuring retailer data is segregated with strong access controls and is only used to deliver relevant search results on their own properties.

“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Google Cloud,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. “We are bringing the best of commerce together with the best of search to solve a complex and costly problem for enterprise retailers – world-class search and discovery for online stores.”

To test the product, Rainbow Shops, a Shopify merchant and retail apparel chain, recently integrated Google Cloud’s Discovery AI for Retail Technology directly into its website. It found that Google Cloud’s solution was able to produce useful results for a classification of test questions 100 percent of the time. In addition to accuracy, Rainbow Shops saw an immediate reduction in the time and effort their teams spent manually refining search results and creating redirects.

Rainbow Shops is now officially using Google Cloud’s retail search technology, and was able to successfully integrate AI tools into its online store and mobile app ahead of Cyber ​​Week, a popular shopping time for consumers.

“Now our search bar can handle almost anything thrown at us by our shoppers, bringing up helpful product results for nuanced queries like ‘LBD’ (Little Black Dress) and extremely common searches like ‘Mardi Gras’. We’ve also significantly advanced our ability to deliver relevant results when a shopper’s query contains a typo, which is commonly seen among many of our customers, said David Cost, vice president of e-commerce and marketing at Rainbow Shops. Is. , “In just three months, we have already seen a 48 percent increase in search volume and our bounce rate on visits has tripled.”

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