Shraddha murder case: Aaftab burnt her photos, transferred money after killing her

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Aftab Poonawalla, who has been accused of strangulating and then slitting his live-in partner Shraddha Walker, revealed that he burnt her pictures after the murder. He also transferred the money that she had given him, angrily, from his account to his account.

The accused told the investigators that he burnt three large size photographs of Shraddha after the murder. Two of these pictures were from his visit to Uttarakhand, while the third was from 2020 at the Gateway of India. According to a report in The Times of India, he broke the photo frames and then burnt the pictures.

On May 26, he took back Rs 54,000, which she had taken from him in a fit of anger. This transaction was one of the key points that led to the police questioning him.

Reports state that Shraddha Walker threw an object at him during an argument, and he strangled her in a fit of rage. Once she stopped responding, she stopped.

However, the police believe that he might be misleading them and send him for a narco test. If the test remains inconclusive, the police may opt for a polygraph or brain-mapping test.

Police searched Mehrauli forest area in Delhi and DLF Phase 3 forest area in Gurugram in search of missing remains of Shraddha Walker. Police have recovered bones from these forest areas and sent them for forensic examination to ascertain whether they belong to Shraddha.

The DLF Phase 3 forest area was searched because Poonawalla worked at a call center in Gurugram, and police suspect that he might have dumped his phone, body parts and murder weapon on his way to work.

Delhi Police also drew water from a lake in Maidangarhi in search of Shraddha Walker’s missing body parts.

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