Shraddha murder case: ‘Had no inkling of body parts kept in fridge,’ Aaftab’s ‘new girlfriend’ breaks silence

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In another development in the Shraddha Walker murder case, Aftab Poonawalla Recently his girlfriend said she was in shock after hearing about the horrific act committed by him and is undergoing counselling, said a report on Wednesday.

Aftab is in judicial custody for allegedly killing his live-in partner Shraddha and chopping her body into 35 pieces at their apartment in west Delhi’s Chhatarpur.

Aftab’s ‘new girlfriend’ said that when she visited Aftab’s Chhatarpur residence twice after the murder, she had no knowledge that human body parts were kept inside Aftab’s Chhatarpur residence. She also told that Aftab presented her a ring, which belonged to Shraddha, reported ANI.

According to the statement given to the police, this friend told that she had come to Aftab’s flat twice in the month of October, but she had no idea of ​​Shraddha’s murder or the presence of human body parts in the house. Aftab never felt intimidated, she said.

Aftab and his new girlfriend came into contact through an online dating app. According to the police, Aftab was in contact with about 15 to 20 girls through different dating sites.

Aftab’s psychiatrist friend, who was tracked by the Delhi Police through Aftab’s Bumble app records, said that his behavior seemed normal, even very caring, and that she never felt he was mentally ill. The situation was not ideal. She also told that Aftab had a collection of different deodorants and perfumes and he often used to gift her perfumes.

According to him, Aftab used to smoke cigarettes a lot and used to roll himself but often used to talk about quitting smoking. She also claimed that Aftab was very fond of different types of food and often ordered non-vegetarian items from various restaurants at home and expressed his fondness for how the chefs garnished the food in the restaurants.

According to police sources, Aftab’s new partner is being counselled, as she was in shock after the Shraddha murder case came to the fore.

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