5G mobile networks and health-Is 5G Making You Sick?

5g mobile and health

Find out everything you need to know about how 5G operates, per experts and research, if you’re concerned that electromagnetic radiation is linked to cancer or other health issues. What Is 5G? What is 5G internet, 5G is the 5th generation mobile network in india.The use of 5G internet wireless technology is to provide more … Read more

5G technology: Is it bad for our health?


5G technology: Is it bad for our health? Why do some people believe that 5G technology may bad for our health? The fifth generation of mobile technology is referred to as 5G. 5G may seem like a logical step for our culture that is becoming more and more dependent on technology because of its promises … Read more

Effect of 5g on environment

Effect of 5g on environment

Effect of 5G technology has not only on human being health, but it also impact on environment,which include health of the animals plants and other species. Effect of 5g on environment is concern about the manufacturing of the many component pieces of the 5G infrastructure is the source of the majority of the environmental challenges … Read more