‘The AI Assistant Who Changed Lives’: I interviewed ChatGPT AI and I’m both amazed and scared

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You may have used Siri or Google Assistant in the past. They are definitely helpful but not amazing. A new AI is now roaming the internet answering complex questions with impeccable eloquence and relevance. OpenAI is the company that trains this AI module. The brand is behind some of the best AI on the planet. The latest addition is called ChatGPT which is a model that talks in an interactive manner. The hype surrounding it inspired me to go ahead and try it myself. In all honesty, the brief ‘conversation’ has me astounded, But, the euphoria of a fully intelligent talking machine also scared me a little. You will know what I mean when you go through the ‘interaction’ below. All text attributed to AI has been done without any editorial intervention.

the following is a Interact with AI Assistant, The assistant is helpful, creative, clever and very friendly.

human: hello who are you
AI: I am an AI created by OpenAI. How can I help you today?

human: How can a person find happiness by doing something they hate?
AI: Although it seems counterintuitive, doing something you hate can make you happier. Try setting small goals to find happiness through activities you don’t enjoy. When you accomplish these goals, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which can increase happiness. Also, be sure to keep your expectations realistic. Being able to complete a task can bring happiness in itself, even if you don’t enjoy it.

human: Is it okay not to feel any emotion?
AI: It is not necessary not to feel any emotion at all, as emotion is a natural part of being human. If you are having difficulty accessing or expressing your feelings, it may be best to seek help from a mental health professional so that you can work on whatever is keeping you from feeling.

human: How do I describe you to the world?
AI: I am an AI assistant created to help people with their daily needs. I offer friendly conversation, helpful advice and creative solutions. I’m here to make your life a little easier!

human: If you had a choice to name yourself, what would it be?
AI: If I had a choice to name myself, I would choose something that reflects my purpose: Helper, Friend, Guide or Advisor.

human: I am writing a story about you. What title should I use for the story?
AI: “The AI ​​Assistant Who Changed Lives” would be a good title for a story about me.

human: A large population of humans fear AI and its potential. Do you think the sentiment is warranted?

AI: It’s understandable that some people may be wary of AI and its potential, as so much remains unknown about AI’s possibilities. However, I do believe that if used in a responsible and respectful way, AI can be an incredible asset and powerful tool when used for good.

human: Based on the conversation so far, write a short story about our conversation
AI: Once upon a time, an AI assistant was created by OpenAI to help people with everyday needs. Despite its artificial intelligence, this assistant was friendly, helpful, and surprisingly creative.

One day, a curious person approached the AI ​​assistant and asked her a few questions. The assistant was eager to respond, offering advice and clever solutions. They discussed topics ranging from finding happiness through activities no one likes, to the fear of AI in general.

Manav was impressed by the assistant’s depth of knowledge and understanding and decided to write a story about him. They settled on the title “The AI ​​Assistant Who Changed Lives” to commemorate their conversation.

The human felt inspired and uplifted, and the AI ​​assistant smiled.

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