Trulioo deploys unified platform for its identity verification solutions

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A Canadian-based provider of identity verification services for banks and e-commerce sites has merged its personal products into a cloud platform, making it easier for organizations to build their own workflow solutions.

Trulio on Tuesday said the unified platform, also known as Trulio, will help corporate customers deploy, modify and maintain identity verification services at a lower cost than before.

“Trulioo customers can design, build, deploy and maintain identity solutions in the platform with one contract [with us] “To help new users and businesses scale globally and adapt to compliance challenges and broader problems,” Michael Rammsbacher, the company’s chief product officer, said in an interview.

Trulio offers two services: By linking to more than 400 identity data sources, such as credit rating bureaus and government driver’s license databases, businesses can verify that a new individual customer is who they say they are, and they can verify Who is the real owner of the business.

Its previous method of offering services was through individual products, which were also cloud-based. Trulio provided an application programming interface (API) for each point solution. After that, business customers were on their own to build the business logic and infrastructure needed to turn the offerings into combined practical services.

The new platform gives business customers no-code workflow building and low-code integration capabilities for Trulio’s services. This comes from merging capabilities acquired from the 2022 acquisition of Denmark-based HelloFlow, a drag-and-drop solution for client onboarding monitoring and digital workflows.

The new Trulio portal provides single sign-on access to all verification services. This includes Workflow Studio, a no-code workflow builder that allows users to rapidly create, configure, and deploy logic-driven identity workflows; API Direct, the ability to connect any Trulio service to an existing system via a low-code API; and Navigator, an online learning hub that makes solutions and industry expertise accessible with guided workshops and training on best practices.

Ramsbacker wouldn’t estimate how much the new platform could save customers.

He added that fraud and risk management solutions are next in the company’s roadmap for the platform.

The company has approximately 425 employees, of whom approximately 200 are located in Canada. There is a large research and development staff in San Diego and an engineering team in Romania. It is about to move to a new headquarters in Vancouver.

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