What Went Down at CB Insider’s Maison Mercedes Experience

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As guests enter Maison Mercedes, the new Mercedes-Benz Signature storefront in the heart of Yorkville, they are greeted with a spectacular display: vibrant lighting, luxury retail and interactive installations provide an up-close look at some of Mercedes’ most iconic vehicles. Benz. Vehicles displayed included the Canadian debut concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture, as well as a G-Class in vibrant “Green Hell Magno” paint, and a stunning Mercedes-AMG GT 53. On 29 November, the space was reserved for Canadian business For readers and their guests to enjoy a private view of the Maison Mercedes alongside an eating and drinking experience.

Andreas Tetzlof, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada

The evening began with a welcome address by Andreas Tetzlof, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada, who shared with cb insiders Luxury and automotive excellence are at the core of Mercedes-Benz. Tetzloff explained that creating a sense of luxury is about pleasing all the senses and that this approach comes to life for anyone who steps inside a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Mercedes-Benz leaned into that theme of sensory experiences for the evening’s programming, which included Christopher Seeley, Michelin Guide 2022 Toronto Sommelier Award winner. Sealy, whose approach was both educational and refreshing, pioneered a wine-tasting that tapped into all the senses. “You can taste these wines and have trouble identifying the distinctive notes of apple or pear,” Sealy cautions. “Give yourself permission to find your own context, your own memory device and the vocabulary that feels right to you.”

Christopher Seeley, Michelin Guide 2022 Toronto Sommelier Award Winner

After a crisp orange wine from Georgia, insiders sip delicious vintages from regions in Italy, Austria and the Azores. Led by Sealy, the crowd traces the ancient history of winemaking while learning about the distinctive practices and methods that have shaped our relationship with one of the world’s most beloved beverages.

Occupying a spacious footprint at 100 Bloor St West, Maison Mercedes is a sensory exhibition of luxury – a space created to highlight the world’s most desirable cars while immersing consumers in the incomparable world of Mercedes-Benz luxury. The space featured two interactive areas—Haute Universelle and Manufacture Marketplace—that introduced guests to the brand’s modern interpretation of luxury, highlighting craftsmanship, innovation and Canadian fashion.

Inspired by Mercedes-Maybach, Haute Universelle is a luxurious, dreamy, sensational world where minimalism feels like maximalism through the use of ethereal shapes, textures and colors. The centerpiece in the Haute Universelle—and featured in the front display window of the Maison Mercedes—is the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture. This head-turning concept vehicle blends automotive excellence with the world of high fashion to create the new pinnacle of refined luxury.

Maison Mercedes is not only a brand experience but a destination for retail luxury. The Haute Universe includes the Mercedes-Maybach Icon of Luxury collection and selections from Canadian brands SENTALER, MAS, Hestia Jewels and Allen Anderson.

The MANUFAKTUR Marketplace is connected to the Haute Universelle by an immersive and captivating LED-lit tunnel. This area provides a completely different environment to showcase the adventurous luxury of the G-Class and the performance luxury of Mercedes-AMG. It is inspired by Mercedes-Benz’s new MANUFAKTUR program, which allows customers to customize their vehicles with over a million possible combinations of high-end interior and exterior appointments. Featuring a Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV and a Mercedes-AMG GT 53 with bold MANUFAKTUR finishing, this segment shows that fashion is not just about design but also about choice.

The marketplace also includes luxury retail with brands including Mercedes-Benz and Bang & Olufsen, Jeffrey Levinson, Sarah Abaza, Sully & Son Co., Luxton, Thomsin, Espelma, CocoBaby and Toronto-based Melis Chocolate.

Passing the canapés, guests ventured throughout the space and worked with on-site experts who gave one-on-one presentations of each of the four vehicles.

Open until December 24, 2022, luxury buyers and automotive enthusiasts alike can learn more about Maison Mercedes and the world’s most desirable cars by visiting or speaking to a Mercedes-Benz Concierge at Maison Mercedes. www.mercedes-benz.ca,

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