Where Cheekbone Beauty Founder Jenn Harper Finds Inspiration

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Jane Harper, founder of sustainable-cosmetics brand cheekbone beauty, never stops looking for inspiration. Established in 2016, Cheekbone Beauty sells vegan makeup that not only pays homage to Harper’s indigenous roots, but gives back to the community. The company supports Indigenous youth and women’s organizations and has donated more than $150,000 to initiatives such as the Navajo Water Project, which brings clean drinking water to Navajo communities in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Harper’s commitment to philanthropy earned her the 2017 “Social Enterprise Award” at the Annual Women in Business Awards and a spot on the philanthropy. Canadian business, first new innovator list, What started as a rudimentary cosmetics company created from her basement, Cheekbone Beauty is now carried in 15 Sephora stores across Canada and will be stocked in 35 more beginning next year. Here, some of the founder’s go-to sources of inspiration.

How I Made It With Guy Raze

Harper finds it encouraging to hear about the trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs have faced, so she knows she is not alone in her struggle to build a business. That’s why she listens to NPR How I Made It With Guy Raze podcast. “These are great companies that you would look at from the outside and never realize what they had to go through to get to where they are today.”

(Image: NPR)

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Working on oneself – mentally, physically and spiritually – proved to be an important feature of building a company. Harper devotes time to activities such as meditation and regular exercise. “It’s the whole idea of ​​being my best self so that I can do the best job.” Harper says she has read Covey’s book several times over the past decade.

Book cover, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
(Image: Amazon)

Provence, France

Italy has long been Harper’s top travel destination, but last summer a trip to Provence in southeastern France changed her mind. “Whether it’s perfume or skincare or a French routine, I love the culture there.”

A picture of Provence, France
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

green juice

The mix of vegetables is a two-in-one: It’s packed with nutrients and helps Harper clean out her fridge. “People laugh because I literally put whatever green is in my fridge into a blender and mash it up.”

photo of green juice in a glass
(Photo: Unsplash)

Christy Belcourt

Harper Métis has a deep appreciation for the artist’s attention to fine details in her acrylic paintings, whether it’s colorful flowers or birds. “When building a business you have to pay attention to the details—like the details that might surprise or delight your customers,” says Harper. “I think that’s what she does with her art.”

a christy belcourt piece of art
(Photo: Art Gallery of Ontario)

Midnight by taylor swift

Calling Yourself a Swiftie Might Be a Little Extreme, But Harper Knows the Meaning Behind Each of the Singer’s Songs Midnight album. “My daughter and I were in the car together over the weekend; He explained the whole album to me. Harper’s top track is “Anti-Hero”.

taylor swift midnight album cover
(Image: Republic Records)


The entrepreneur finds herself going on the ‘gram to take inspiration from other beauty companies and how they’re marketing their products. “I keep scrolling to see what’s trending and what other brands are putting out there.”

instagram logo
(Logo: Instagram)

google pixel 6 pro

Taking pictures on her smartphone helps Harper document images of inspiration. “I have the vision of being a person who can photograph the things I see, but I can’t, so I take pictures,” says Harper. “I just cracked my phone too, so that’s an excuse to get a new one, right?”

A picture of the Google Pixel 6 Pro phone
(pic: google)

Set of Cahiers Journals from Moleskine

Rain or shine, abroad or at home, Harper spends at least two hours a day outside seeking inspiration. She owned almost every color of mini Moleskine notebook and uses them to write down whatever is on her mind. “They’re just the right size and have lines—I can’t write without lines.”

moleskin notebook
(Pic: Moleskine)

Manitoba Mukluks Moccasins

Cheekbone Beauty HQ has a rule that once the temperature drops, everyone brings a pair of indoor shoes or slippers so wet shoes don’t muddy the floor. her go-to is a pair Moccasins from Manitoba Mukluks, “They’re like slippers but better because the soles are solid rubber,” she says. “And because they’re suede, they stretch up to your feet.”

A photo of Manitoba mukluks moccasins
(Photo: Manitoba Mukluks)

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