Wipro Canada’s AWS Launch Pad Centre now open for business

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Technology Services & Consulting Company Wipro Limited Canada Yesterday opened its latest Wipro-AWS Launch Pad Center in Toronto, which the company said will allow its customers to experience the “art of the possible” in digital transformation.

The centre, similar to locations in Bangalore, where Wipro, which operates in 66 countries, is headquartered, Sydney and Sao Paulo, will see Wipro and AWS Canada Personnel work with clients in the areas of application and database migration, application modernization, serverless computing, purpose-built databases, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Kim Watson, country head and managing director of the company’s Canadian subsidiary, said the facility will “help meet customers’ growing speed and agility needs while achieving cost optimization.”

“The local expertise of Wipro and AWS will help (them) harness the power of cloud-based solutions and build resilient, future-proof businesses.”

center, which is located at 50th The floor at First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto will house Wipro engineers, designers and consultants based in Canada and elsewhere working with customers to “co-innovate, collaborate, develop and deliver” scalable cloud offerings, according to a release.

in an interview with IT World Canada Earlier this week, Watson said one of the key goals of the facility would be to cater not only to the IT side of the organization, but also to non-IT senior executives such as chief executive officers (CEOs) or chief marketing officers (CMOs). must bring. To experience what is possible.

“The important thing is really understanding what that business result looks like for that leader — making it clear to them,” she said. “That definition feeds everything else into the process. I notice we take an incredible amount of time just trying to analyze what it all means? That’s the most important piece.

He added that even non-IT professionals will approach cloud projects differently. “They want to make reference calls, they want to talk to other[firms]in different industries because that’s how they’re going to get the innovation jump. IT itself is the same across the board. Business results happen when It gets really exciting, and having both (IT and non-IT executives) at the table is huge.

Among the organizations involved is the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA). Wipro, an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a member of the Well-Architected Partner Program, in collaboration with AWS, rolled out a new system called the Passenger Queue System (PQS) at Pearson Airport during the peak of the pandemic.

An AWS Partner Known as the “Boarding Gate of the Future” blog Published in late 2021, the project stated that the goal was to “provide a seamless and enhanced passenger experience while meeting social security requirements and improving overall safety.”

“Wipro took advantage of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services Develop PQS. The solution reduces passenger congestion, enables compliance with social distancing standards at boarding gates, and gives passengers greater freedom to dine and shop prior to the boarding process.

Michael Brown, director of IT programs and strategy with the authority, said the co-innovation center will allow GTAA to collaborate with AWS and Wipro to deliver targeted offerings to improve the overall customer experience.

Eric Gales, Managing Director, AWS Canada, said that in today’s digital economy, “more companies are turning to the cloud for greater speed, agility and innovation. The Wipro-AWS Launch Pad will showcase the truly innovative experiences that are being developed on AWS.” helping companies bring their solutions to life and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

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