Zefr and Meta brand suitability verification and new advertising control tools now available

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zeferThe Los Angeles-based company, which enables organizations to measure brand suitability, has announced that its third-party brand suitability verification solution is now available for Facebook feeds.

Meta and Zephyr have been working together for the past year to build an independent AI-powered solution for reporting in what context ads appear on Facebook feeds.

Zefr’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) product, atriumEvaluates video, image, text, and audio to label feed content based on Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) suitability standards, including its latest category, which is misinformation. GARM is an initiative established by the World Federation of Advertisers to address harmful content on digital media platforms and its monetization through advertising.

Zefr’s solution lets advertisers verify the suitability of content around their ads to help them make informed decisions to reach marketing goals. Using artificial intelligence, advertisers will be able to measure, verify, and understand the suitability of content against their ads, allowing them greater control over their campaigns.

Advertisers will have full access to their Facebook feed verification through Zefr’s Atrium dashboard, which provides transparency across GARM standards across platforms such as Facebook Feed, TikTok and YouTube. Announcement revealed.

“Zefr has led the industry in AI-powered measurement solutions and we are very pleased to see Meta in a leadership position with AI-powered solutions. This combination of AI-powered control and measurement around GARM standards now gives advertisers complete control and confidence with brand safety and suitability across Facebook feeds. By partnering with Meta, we are applying our AI to give advertisers greater transparency into the content adjacent to the ads in their campaigns,” said Rich Redden, co-founder and co-CEO of Zephyr.

Meta and Zephyr first partnered last March to monitor and report on the context in which ads appear on Facebook. The companies work together to verify that ads only appear next to appropriate content. Meta and Zeffer began small-scale testing of the idea last year.

In addition, Meta also announced new inventory filters for Facebook and Instagram feeds are now rolling out to advertisers in English- and Spanish-speaking markets.

These filters allow advertisers to choose from the following three settings to control the type of monetizable content that appears above and below the ad:

  • Extended Inventory: This is the default setting and shows ads next to content that follows the meta Community Standards And this Monetization Eligibility Criteria,
  • Medium list: For advertisers who want to take a moderately conservative approach, this filter excludes content that may be considered high riskGARM is compliant with the Brand Appropriateness Framework.
  • Limited List: For advertisers who want to take majority of conservative approach, this filter will remove material that can be considered both high And Medium risk.

Later in 2023, Meta says it will expand these controls to support additional languages ​​and make them available to more advertisers in other countries. The company also plans to test controls on Reels, Stories, video feeds and other surfaces on Facebook and Instagram.

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