Zoho launches Blended Conversations and updated UI for Zoho Desk

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Zoho Corporation launched new tools for zoho deskAn anchor application in the company’s customer service platform.

Zoho Desk’s new capabilities include Blended Conversations, which provides a combination of human-driven and bot-driven conversational services.

The new features are designed to allow customer service agents to improve engagement and provide a better customer experience.

mixed conversation Zoho Desk allows customer service agents to simplify and accelerate their work by delegating most manual and transactional tasks to bots while remaining in control of the overall service experience. In addition, Zoho Desk can also integrate with chat services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and WeChat. Zoho’s instant messaging (IM) framework And guided conversationA low-code builder for self-service experiences.

“Having a single pane of glass to manage all IM conversations allows agents to provide better customer support,” said Chandrasekhar LSP, managing director, Zoho Canada.

Guided Chat for Zoho Desk helps customers manage their relationship with an organization quickly and securely. It also offers service teams better collaboration and integration with other Zoho marketing apps, such as Zoho’s CX Platform and Zoho CRM Plus.

“Guided conversation eliminates the repetitive responses that agents provide by automated responses,” LSP said. “And not only does this enhance the overall customer experience for customers, but it also allows support agents to be more productive.”

In addition to Blended Conversations, Zoho also announced new user interface (UI) features that are more accessible to users with a broad spectrum of different needs. According to Zoho, this is one of their biggest steps towards improving digital accessibility.

Some of the updates include options to support cognitive and dyslexia challenges, visual impairments including astigmatism, reduced animation for those with seizure disorders, and customization capabilities for color blindness.

“UI updates around accessibility ensure that people with different abilities are able to contribute more, and these are table stakes across all SaaS offerings,” LSP said. “Updates on the UI offer more in terms of personalization.”

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